DFG“Emotions and Values” is a research project funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) and is conducted by Sabine Döring (supervisor), Anika Lutz (PhD student) and Anton Hase (student assistant). It started in October 2011 and is scheduled for three years. The project starts from the widespread assumption that values or evaluative properties and emotions somehow relate. At the same time value theory and emotion theory coexist relatively unconnected. The project’s aim is to provide this connection and to formulate an integrated theory of emotion and value which outplays competing accounts. Our hypothesis is that with an improved version of a cognitive theory of emotion and a sensibility theory of value the aspired integration can be best achieved. For that purpose the project divides into two subsections. In section one a cognitive theory of emotion shall be established which focuses especially on the intentional structure and the phenomenal character of emotion. An important means to elaborate on these questions will be the analogy between emotion and sense perception. It shall be carefully examined and applied. Emotions shall be conceived as analogous to gestalt-perceptions. In section two it shall be argued that sensibility theories of value are especially apt for the aspired integration. Evaluative properties shall be conceived as analogous to gestalten. It shall be shown that with the help of a cognitive theory of emotion important challenges for sensibility theories can be solved (especially the so-called “wrong kind of reasons problem”) and a criterion of appropriateness for emotions shall be established. The modified sensibility theory shall then be critically examined and it shall be proven to be superior to competing accounts. In line with the project a conference and a work-shop as well as the publication of an anthology are planned. November, 08-10, 2012 the conference “Emotion and Perception” will take place at the Forum Scientiarum in Tübingen. Following the conference an anthology will be published. In 2013 there will be a (student’s) work-shop on value.