DFGEmo­tions and Val­ues” is a research project funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungs­ge­mein­schaft) and is con­ducted by Sabine Döring (super­vi­sor), Anika Lutz (PhD stu­dent) and Anton Hase (stu­dent assis­tant). It started in Octo­ber 2011 and is sched­uled for three years. The project starts from the wide­spread assump­tion that val­ues or eval­u­a­tive prop­er­ties and emo­tions some­how relate. At the same time value the­ory and emo­tion the­ory coex­ist rel­a­tively uncon­nected. The project’s aim is to pro­vide this con­nec­tion and to for­mu­late an inte­grated the­ory of emo­tion and value which out­plays com­pet­ing accounts. Our hypoth­e­sis is that with an improved ver­sion of a cog­ni­tive the­ory of emo­tion and a sen­si­bil­ity the­ory of value the aspired inte­gra­tion can be best achieved. For that pur­pose the project divides into two sub­sec­tions. In sec­tion one a cog­ni­tive the­ory of emo­tion shall be estab­lished which focuses espe­cially on the inten­tional struc­ture and the phe­nom­e­nal char­ac­ter of emo­tion. An impor­tant means to elab­o­rate on these ques­tions will be the anal­ogy between emo­tion and sense per­cep­tion. It shall be care­fully exam­ined and applied. Emo­tions shall be con­ceived as anal­o­gous to gestalt-perceptions. In sec­tion two it shall be argued that sen­si­bil­ity the­o­ries of value are espe­cially apt for the aspired inte­gra­tion. Eval­u­a­tive prop­er­ties shall be con­ceived as anal­o­gous to gestal­ten. It shall be shown that with the help of a cog­ni­tive the­ory of emo­tion impor­tant chal­lenges for sen­si­bil­ity the­o­ries can be solved (espe­cially the so-called “wrong kind of rea­sons prob­lem”) and a cri­te­rion of appro­pri­ate­ness for emo­tions shall be estab­lished. The mod­i­fied sen­si­bil­ity the­ory shall then be crit­i­cally exam­ined and it shall be proven to be supe­rior to com­pet­ing accounts. In line with the project a con­fer­ence and a work-shop as well as the pub­li­ca­tion of an anthol­ogy are planned. Novem­ber, 08–10, 2012 the con­fer­ence “Emo­tion and Per­cep­tion” will take place at the Forum Sci­en­tiarum in Tübin­gen. Fol­low­ing the con­fer­ence an anthol­ogy will be pub­lished. In 2013 there will be a (student’s) work-shop on value.