Sabine Döring

Sabine Döring is Professor of Philosophy at Universität Tübingen. For more information, visit her homepage:

Anika Lutz

Anika LutzAnika Lutz is a PhD student at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Tübingen. She works on the in-virtue-of relation linking evaluative facts to non-evaluative facts. The thesis constitutes an important part of the “Emotions and Values” project. In 2005 Anika began her studies in Philosophy and Rhetoric at the University of Tübingen. She graduated in 2010 (Magistra Artium). Her interest in emotion theory arose during an Erasmus semester at the University of Geneva in 2008. From 2006 till 2013 Anika was a scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. Anika’s main research areas are emotion theory and value theory, as well as meta-ethics and normative ethics more generally. She is also interested in the philosophy of mind and metaphysics.

Conferences and Talks:

  • October 2013 Invited Talk in the course of the Thumos-Research Seminar at the University of Geneva – “Emotions and the Inextricable Link between Intentionality and Phenomenology”
  • November 2012 Conference “Emotion and Perception” at the University of Tübingen – “The Phenomenal Character of Emotional Experience. A Look at Perception Theory”
  • July 2012 Graduate Conference “Understanding Value” at the University of Sheffield – “What We Can Expect from Fitting-Attitudes Accounts of Final Value and What We Can’t”
  • June 2011 Conference “Rational Agency” at the University of Tübingen – “Comment on Kirsten Volz’ ‘Being brain-damaged = Being more rational?'”
  • May 2011 Conference “Moral Emotions and Intuitions” at the University of Den Hague – “Emotions and Appropriateness. On the Way to a Criterion of Appropriateness for Emotions”
  • June 2010 Student’s Conference with Thomas M. Scanlon at the University of Tübingen – “How to Avoid the Wrong Kind of Reasons Problem: Judgment-Sensitive Attitudes and Correctness”
  • June 2009 Student’s Conference with Michael Smith at the University of Tübingen – “Smith’s Reply to Foot’s and Harman’s Objection. ‘Immoral, but not Irrational – so what?'”

Anton Hase

Anton HaseAnton Hase is an undergraduate student of Philosophy and Mathematics. He studies in the sixth semester and is very happy to have the opportunity to participate in this project. So far he occupied himself basically with logic and meta-ethics.